Living by Design 201

by Fred Amir
Author of Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck Pain

Session One: Foods That Heal. Foods That Kill.

In this amazing workshop you discover simple yet effective ways food can heal your body, revitalize your life, protect you from disease, and help you lose weight!

  • Is your food killing you?
  • Can your breakfast be causing osteoporosis?
  • Do you know what to add to your food to eliminate pimples?
  • How to eat so that you can boost your immune system and reduce colds?
  • How to lose weight without going hungry, counting calories, or eating less?
  • What to add to your food to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels?
  • What is the one thing you can do today to dramatically reduce your risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, hypertension, and cancer?
  • What foods can heal Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's?
  • Do you know what simple change in your diet can heal your body, increase your energy, and improve your memory?

This workshop gives you the answers!

Session Two: Life Dream Setting

Have you always been dreaming about making a major difference?
Learn the secrets to setting life dreams and achieving them.

In this session you will:

  • Learn life stories of those who dared to dream and achieved amazing results
  • Add energy, excitement, and enthusiasm to your daily life
  • Rediscover your dreams and set new ones
  • Unleash your own potential and talents
  • Learn how to overcome internal and external obstacles
  • Find out secrets to achieving your dreams

Session Three: Exciting Problem Solving

Are lifeís problems getting you down?
Discover how you can become an excited problem solver and change you life for the better!

Don't miss this opportunity to completely change how you deal with problems. This session helps you:

  • Learn to become excited when facing problems
  • Grow to see problems as opportunities
  • Understand the effect of words on solving problems
  • Discover the simple steps to effective problem solving at any level
  • Truly enjoy life as you face problems rather than avoid them

Session Four: Conquer The Past

Are your negative past experiences affecting your life?
Learn simple ways to overcome their bad effects and enjoy a good life!

We all have had negative past experiences that can occupy our minds, make us feel bad and drain our energy. This is a session packed with simple yet very effective concepts and strategies to neutralize their effects and help you:

  • Turn negative experiences into positive, happy, or even funny ones
  • A simple act that can stop negative thought patterns
  • Empower yourself in the face of negative thoughts, worries, and anxiety
  • Transform your life from being a victim to becoming a victor
  • Reduce the effects of past on your present life as you deal with others
  • Become a happier and healthier perso

About the Author

Fred Amir is the recipient of the University of Californiaís Knowles Ryerson Award for Leadership, the founder and president of Health Solutions, and author of Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck Pain: A Nine-Step Recovery Plan. Health Solutions is a health consulting and educational firm specializing in empowering individuals with knowledge and strategies to maximize their innate abilities for better health. Fredís seminars, titled Rapid Recovery from Chronic Pain, The Road to Wellness, and Living by Design, have helped others recover rapidly to live pain-free and much healthier and happier lives. He has conducted seminars for the University of California, CIGNA Group Insurance, Santa Clara County, Iowa State University, and other organizations.